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Hi everyone, well this post is just a quick update on every thing that has been going on in the life of the Kardashians this October. You probably have come across most of this news, but having you enlightened still is what I do. Enjoy!


On Monday 13th of October Kim Kardashian was being robbed by 5 masked men dress by policemen in France, during her visit for Paris Fashion Week. The reality star was tied up and heled at gun-point as she consistently begged for her life.

She was later locked up in the bathroom as the robbers made away with £9 million worth of jewellery.

Kim flew back to New York to be with her family. Kanye cut short his show and took an excuse to be with his family cause there was an emergency.

The family has since boosted up their security team. She hasn’t returned to Social media and still remains shaken and in tears since the incident.


Just one day after mom Blac Chyna threw an over-the-top fourth birthday party for King Cairo, the tot’s dad Tyga upped the ante with another epic celebration on Sunday with a similar Ferrari theme.

Tyga and Kylie’s family were in attendance for this event. Kylie Jenner also made sure to document the entire party on snapchat. The party’s incredible red and yellow decorations, perfectly fitting the theme. Not only were the pricey sports cars on hand for the event, but there was even a balloon Ferrari floating around the pool and mini vehicles as the centerpieces for the kids’ tables. The 19-year-old reality star was also sure to show off her love for her longtime boyfriend. She shared cute photo booth shots of the couple along with a picture featuring the duo with the birthday boy. Jenner even gave her man a very public smooch!


Though Chyna and Jenner have had a rocky relationship, the two ladies put their feud behind them. Earlier this week, Jenner shared a rare selfie of her with Tyga’s son. The Snapchat of her with King marked the first time she had posted any photos of the toddler on her social media accounts since she was first linked to Tyga in late 2014.


We all arev very aware of how the Kardashians are all about self-empowerment and self-love and learning to embrace your body no matter how it looks.

Well Kloh-Money just launched a new Denim lin (Good Ameriacan) with her friend Emma Grede.She explained in3981315b00000578-0-image-m-84_1476845804927 an interview “Buying denim was high anxiety” for her even after losing nearly 40 pounds in the past year, that experience stuck with her and served as the inspiration for founding Good American.

Good American is designed for many women’s body types, especially for those who have a more curvy figure. The jeans, which cost $149 to $215, come in three styles including a classic skinny jean, a looser boyfriend style jean and a high-waisted variation. Unlike many designer jean brands, Good American carries a wide range of sizes, from size zero to a plus-size 24

Already Kardashian has big ambitions for Good American. “We are incredibly hands on with the business and want this brand to be around for years to come,” she said.


the eldest Kardashian appeared to be in no mood for Campbell’s questions on the well-being of her sister following her robbery at gunpoint in Paris on October 2.

“You should know that the people of Australia and of our show were very empathetic about what happened and very horrified,” Campbell offered, “so we were wondering, how is everyone going and how is Kim doing?”

“Um,” Kardashian started, looking at the camera before a woman in the room can be heard telling her to stop talking.

The reality TV star proceeded to stare into the distance in silence, listening to the PR minder as Campbell grew increasingly frustrated


“I’m sorry is there someone talking to you? I’m just wondering how Kim is doing?” Campbell said, repeating the question.

A Today Extra producer tells Campbell the interview has been cut short because he asked about Kim before he lashes out at the reality TV star. “I think she’s blanking me, She’s totally blanking me on that question. She could just say her sister’s fine,” Campbell said to Kruger, flustered.

“We just said we’re very concerned and we were onside and we hope that everyone’s fine.” But it turns out Kardashian was still on the line and listening to the whole exchange.

After a commercial break, Kardashian returned and blamed the awkward episode on a “bad connection” before telling Campbell her sister was still shaken up.

“I think she has a big supportive family and I know that, like all of the traumatic things that we’ve been through, we get through them together as a family and that’s what family is all about.”

Campbell apologised at the end of the interview and praised Kardashian for returning to answer his question, despite her PR minders’ protestations. “I understand you guys are the Kardashians,” Campbell said. “It’s hard to always preach and ask questions and there will be people protecting you. For you to come on and come back to us is a testament to you.”Kim Kardashian remains holed up in LA with her family after being robbed by armed gunmen who stormed her hotel during Paris Fashion Week and took more than $11 million worth of jewellery.


The extravagant party organised in honour of Kim Kardashian’s 36th birthday was reportedly cancelled by concerned husband Kanye West amid fears for her security following her terrifying multi-million dollar robbery in Paris.

The American TV personality will celebrated her birthday on October 21st. Her sisters posted sweet throwback  pictures of her on instagram with loving captions.

Though  Kanye, 39, canceled plans for a lavish celebration, the rapper has sought to ensure her big day is still memorable by buying her a pair of ruby drop earrings from designer Lorraine Schwartz, understood to be worth $50,000

‘Kanye is devastated he has to cancel – but his family’s security come first,’ a source told The Sun Online. ‘He had gone all out for Kim’s birthday and it was going to be all expenses spared with champagne and canapé

‘Now they will do something low key instead. He’s made sure he will still spoil her with the stunning one of a kind earrings though – as he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to his missus.’

A star-studded guest list including close friends Ciara and Kelly Rowland and family members Caitlyn Jenner and Blac Chyna were understood to be attending a 1920’s themed bash in honour of Kim’s birthday at Hollywood venue The Nice Guy prior to its cancellation.


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