White Marks Fashion Boutique: Where Couture meets Fleek


From the moment I stepped into White Marks Fashion Boutique, I was overwhelmed by the countless number of clothes, which were arranged so neatly round the store, every outfit dripping in High fashion couture. For a few moments I spent reminiscing to myself, how gorgeous I’d look in her clothes.

This store literally has clothes made with every kind of fabric there is; Chiffon, Cotton, Suede, Lace, wool, Elastic, name it it was there.

white-marks-boutique-fabian-whyte-blog    white-marks-boutique-fabian-whyte-blog

White Marks Fashion Boutique offers not only the best designer clothing but also an array of ‘to die for’ accessories. From purses to hand bags and foot wear. White Marks offers you the assurance of 100% quality, which makes every penny spent worth it.img_20161021_161911

White Marks Fashion store is located at 144, Ogunlana Drive Surulere, Lagos. Be sure to pay a visit and bless your eyes with her couture goodness.


White marks Fashion Boutique

White marks Fashion Boutique

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