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    Welcome to another wonderful fashion post by me, Fabian Whyte. I’m so thrilled to have you hear. If you read my last post you will recall me talking about wearing red for a period of time and understand one of the reasons I did so.
    My fashion season of Red was absolutely lovely and fascinating for everyone that experienced it with me. I was absolutely a head turner everywhere I went. I met Deola Adebiyi (a top Nigerian Blogger and influencer) at RELE and she did say my all read outfit was daring.

    The thing with Red is it’s so quick to grab attention where ever you go, you will definitely be the first person to be sighted. If you are shy it is advisable not to wear all red, except it’s a colour code for a function, because all eyes will be on you.

    On , they gave an insight about this bold attractive colour. It has been said to be seen as a representation of power, courage and bravery. (If you ask me is necessary to have when wearing it). It also talks of the ability red has over your physical stability (Yikes!) e.g elevated blood pressure, increased respiratory rates, increased enthusiasm , enhanced metabolism, etc. (hope I didn’t affect anyone’s health)

    Why I chose red as my first fashion colour of the year, I don’t know. But what I do know is that, that was what I was feeling. I was feeling RED. Every Bold, Bright, Beautiful shade of Red.

    Every inch of me felt it was right to express myself with Red at that time cause I was feeling like a real bad ass achiever and like I was ready to accomplish anything (and if you ask me is the best feeling to start a new year with).
    It was hard trying not to look too extra where ever I went. I had to answer real awkward questions like “Did you join a cult?”
    I could low-key say yes and say I’m a member of the Reezy Riders. This is what the fans of Amrezy Olevic (my fashion Inspiration) are called. She too was in the tone for red earlier in the year.

    I had fun with red and now I’m rocking black. I have so many more fun things planned for my instagram page so stay tuned to @fabian_whyte.

    Check out my colour theme and tell me how you feel about it.
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