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    New Year, Who this?

    Happy New Year every body and welcome back to the blog. It’s s exciting to be back on the blog and it’s definitely more exciting to have made it to 2018. I have a lot of things planned for the new year, so you all should get ready cause we are about to have a blast.
    Like I said on my Snapchat story I’m all about the “New year, New me” trend. I want to be different from what I was last year, 2017 me was the worst kind of me. I want this year to be my 2016 self with an extra ZING!!! I made mistakes last year, mistakes that I’ve definitely learned from. These mistakes are the most common mistakes that occur in anyone’s life. They are casual mistakes that stop you from making yourself or your life better. These mistakes could be attitudes/habits that end up affecting you in some type of way. I believe a new year equals a fresh start, so lets join hands and say good-bye to;


    This is the alpha and omega to everyone’s problems “I’ll do it later” <hunny we both know they aint nobody doing shit later> It has to stop, no more procrastinations. Deal with everything within the time so it wouldn’t become a burden for you later.

    The best thing about friendship is having people who are always there for us. If you have people who you call friends that aren’t there for you, don’t help or push you then those aren’t friends, cut them off. This year we <seiving mahn, we seiving> No time for fake love. Leave them in 2017 cause they would end up just draining you.

    Another kind of friendship that needs to end are the kind that are stagnant, you don’t move forward I don’t move forward, these are the worst kind of friendships to have. Check yourself and your friends if you all have been in the same position and situation for the past 3-5 years, please either leave that friendship or create an intervention. Time for playing and being lazy is over, it’s game time.
    If you’ve tried to take your friend or friends along with you on the road to success and they aren’t budging. Then leave them but not completely. Keep reminding them about where they could be. You need to make a friend or two outside your old group who are now on the new path as you are. These are the people who are able to assist you whenever you need help because they will understand the situation.
    Still on friendships, check on your friends and family as often as possible. Keep track on those you love it is quite important.
    Also all those people who only know how to call you just to ‘come over & chill’ remove them totally. Chilling and coming over don’t do anything for anybody.

    3. GIVING UP
    Giving up is one of the most occurring mistakes in a humans life. I know how intense the events leading up to giving up can be. I just want to encourage you to not give up and keep moving. When you feel choked just take a little break but don’t end what you started. Remember you can get over every situation, it’s just a matter of time.

    Living up to your full potential this year is a necessity. Push yourself to break your limits. Do more than you usually do. Force yourself to be better at everything. This year is all about being better. Every one is born with the ability to grow. It’s your job to find what makes you grow and dwell on it till it maximize you.


    •God gave us life and all he asks from you is your devotion. Devoting yourself to God attracts more blessings than you can ever believe.

    •Remember God in your down time. He is always there to lift you up. We often forget that God is waiting to lift our burdens once we tell him about it. So always remember not to forget that God is always there.

    I hope you all get to learn from this and find ways to work on yourself this year. Live your best life this year. Do more and don’t hold back. Have an amazing 2018.

    This was my Christmas day outing outfit. ?❤