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    Sun + sand + waves = FUN, so much fun that I can’t explain.
    It was an exciting weekend on Saturday the 31st of March as my friends and I took a trip to Artican Beach at Ajah, Lagos. The last time I had been to the beach was May 2017 and I was much unprepared. Due to my experience I prepared myself for my trip to Artican Beach I didn’t want to be a JJC like my first time in so many years.

    The night before I prepared myself with everything I needed;
    A swim suit to play in the waves,
    A large towel to dry off after a shower,
    A beach hat and sun glasses to block of the sun,
    Rubber sandals to walk on the hot sand,
    A face towel to help wipe my face when in the water,
    Of course food, snacks and drinks to fill my tummy with.

    Being on the beach demands a careful planning of your time. When to eat, when to take pictures and when to play in the waves.
    I suggest the first thing you do once you arrive is to;

    Settle down: find a comfortable spot for you and your companions and make sure everyone is aware of the space set out.

    Snack: the first thing to do after settling in is to snack on something little e.g. pastries, pizza, soda, etc. this doesn’t only hold your tummy down, it helps create a happy ora amongst everyone present, little conversations are made and it breaks the ice between unfamiliar faces.
    Take pictures: trust me this is the first thing you want to do before getting into the water, cause once you go in there you are coming out a mess. So have that whole photo shoot (with or without bikini) while your makeup is still fresh.

    Take off your makeup: once you are done with your pictures wipe off your makeup. This ensures extra comfort once you’re hitting the waves.

    Take a dive: I’m not gonna teach you how to have fun so go in and enjoy that fresh extra salty water in your swim suit or bikini. The only advice I give you is don’t open your mouth or swallow the water and yeah don’t drown.
    Eat again good food cause playing can make a man hungry.

    These are my very essential tips on having a wonderful time at the beach and I bet if you follow them you are never gonna regret a beach day ever.
    P.S You can take pictures close to the water or on a horse, anywhere you want but just make sure to do all that before getting into the waves.

    Hope this was a good read for you. Be sure to leave your thoughts below. If you’ve had either a good or bad experience at the beach be sure to tell me about it in the comment section below.