Reign On The Rain

Welcome back to Fabian Whyte blog.  It’s been a hell of a down pour in Nigeria. Flooded bad roads, traffic jams and a super cold atmosphere.

Now you might think these are the main issues, but no they are not. The biggest problem we are facing is how to stay warm and look cute doing it. No one wants to walk around looking like a hobo ?? just cause we wanna be cozy. So  today I’m going to be giving you a few pointers to looking fabulous during this cold and rainy season.

A Sweater is the best dress choice during this weather. Wearing one will make you feel like you’re walking around in a blanket. Sweaters come in various styles and colours and thats why I love them. There are oversized sweaters and also well fit sweaters. The fit of the sweater I wear depends on how my mood is. I wear Fit sweaters on  my chique and girly days while big ones on my laid back days.


Styling a sweater is not difficult big sweaters are now breaking frontiers in the fashion world. Celebirties pairing are them with slim/chunky belts, some wearing them with bum shorts & thigh high boots and others with a pair of denim pants/leggings.

Right here I’m wearing a red fit sweater with a white denim mini-skirt with red stockings and laced up sandals.
This was me feeling absolutely Chique.?


Denim has to become everything for you at this time. Denim is as good as having on a swaeter. It provides the good warmth that sweaters do and that’s the feeling we need now. Denim is no new trend to you all, it’s been on the front line for a while now and this moment It’s gonna remain that way.


Stockings are one of the items I cherrish in my wardrobe at the moment. They easily switch up the style of any outfit you have on. I’ve styled them with my outfit a few times and it always turns out ? perfect. Plus it keeps my feet warm.

Change up your accessories e.g bags, shoes, etc to items that can survive under the rain. Staying away from all things suede is a huge pointer. Here is a link to my former post that spoke about items that last under the rain


Thank you for stopping by and I hope these little tips will help you reign through the rain.

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