Hello beautiful people, welcome back to another wonderful read.
Today is all about my outfit at the LFW A/W’18.
So I was a show stopper, which took me by surprise cause I literally pulled together everything in my closet.
So it’s a few days before the event and I’m at my tailor’s place drawing out what I want to wear for the show, so he low-key hints me that I may not wear this top on Saturday, I thought it was bluff. Aunties and uncles, I didn’t wear the top.
I’m in my room few minutes to midnight and I am in a dilemma. My other mind is telling me ‘Don’t go, there is no need’. (The writing is in red cause that’s a bad mind).
But I refused and I said ‘I must go, my first event of the year, after I didn’t attend SLAY Festival nothing is stopping me.’
So I went in an outfit inspired by Amrezy.

I wanted to do the whole black lace and pants thing but I decided to go with white.

It’s day 2 and the dilemma returns my cousin says I can’t wear a jacket on the second day cause I wore it on the first. So I’m in my room brain storming and I remember my lace body suit that I once wanted to pair with a white skirt. Then my head says ‘Why not place the lace material you wanted to sew for the event over your neck and place a belt on it’. BAM!!!!! Outfit of the year.

Incredibly creative of me and I’m so surprised on how it turned out.

So this is the story behind my beautiful outfits for the fashion week. Very intriguing on how this always happens to me.

If you have a story similar to mine please do share in the comment section. Don’t forget to like this post.

Love you all.

See you all again.

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