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I have never seen so much natural hair in one room. Let me rephrase “I have never seen so much, beautifully constructed, natural hair in one room”
Hello guys and welcome to my ‘natural hair’ Sunday. My sister and I were invited to Natures Gentle Touch Natural Hair Institute: Natural hair workshop, on Sunday the 4th of June, located at their hair institution at Victoria Island, Lagos.

Once we arrived each guest was given a brief tour of the premises before sitting down for the event. While the event began we were being entertained with Red wine, Bailey’s Irish cream and Dr. Milk caramel sweet, which happened to be everyone’s favourite for the day. *currently unwrapping one*

We started the program by introducing ourselves and sharing our natural hair journey. It was pretty amazing hearing everyone’s natural hair transition story. The most intriguing part was that no one had the same story as the next person the only thing similar was the big chop and the decision to remain natural.

We had the opportunity of sharing our natural hair struggles and asking questions for a solution. In the replies we were given I learnt a lot about hair porosity and how necessary trimming is to grow the hair. Here are some quick notes:
Hair Porosity: this is the ability for your hair to absorb moisture. It can be broken down into high, low and medium hair porosity. With low porosity hair; your cuticles are a bit too tight and find it difficult to absorb moisture making it difficult for products to work on your hair. Medium hair porosity  means that your hair can absorb and retain moisture, causing products to work faster, while high porosity hair has extremely loose cuticles. And when products are used on the hair it absorbs it and then loses it faster than expected.
You can personally test for your hair porosity with a strand of hair and a bowl of water. If the strand of hair:
Sinks= Low porosity
Floats above water = High porosity
Stays in the middle of the bowl= Medium porosity

Necessity of trimming: trimming is one of natural hair biggest benefactors. It gives you a fuller healthier hair, less breakage and most especially more length. Trimming should be done every 3-4 months.

After the wonderful learning period we were served delicious food and drinks, my favourite part. We were given freebies and had a free hair consultation. I found out the reason for the little set back I’ve been having with my hair.

I had a great time and really learnt a lot from it. I would definitely go back again for another workshop program.

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