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JIDENNA Takes Lagos

Jidenna live in Lagos
Nigerian-American singer Jidenna held an exclusive album launch party on September 1, 2016 at the Hard Rock Cafe, Oniru Lagos.

The event kicked off with Mr Eazi making an entrance to the stage alongside Godwyn, the guitarist and singer who added extra brilliance to his set. Together they ran through his songs including ‘Hollup’, ‘Dance for me’, ‘Annointing’, and ‘Skin tight’. Then it was time for the main attraction who strolled in looking like he dropped from the sky. Clad in an all-white ensemble, Jidenna hit the stage and quickly set into his work for night. His was a performance that contained various elements. From lighting to syncopation, the star moved entertainingly, incorporating choreographed dance moves, as he belted ‘Chief don’t run’, ‘Knickers’ and ‘A little bit more’.

Then there was a speech session, where he made light of his famous controversy which occurred when he described his experience during the funeral of his father. There was still more nostalgic jokes from him, as he shared some wise sayings from his dad, called him ‘Chief’, and broke out into the single ‘Long live the chief’.

Then there was new music. Assisted by his band, Jidenna let loose some songs off his forthcoming album. Marked by deep immersive lines, guitars and an emotion-laden display, the first song was concluded, and another followed with repeated syncopations.

The band members had multiple functions, including dancing, and creating an ad hoc Accapella choir as the show progressed.

And then there was Burna Boy. The Nigerian star was brought on stage, and he had a mini-performance of ‘Yawa’, before giving the appropriate recognition to Jidenna, and exited. ‘Classic man’was ushered in, before ‘Extraordinaire’ found its way in.

Jidenna’s performance was one to be remembered, as attention to detail and a honed showmanship leading people on, and ultimately providing an experience worthy of all the hype.                                                            Jidenna showcase in Lagos

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