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Feeling your life is in a rut is so depressing. Having to do the same thing over and over without a sense of improvement in your life fuels the feeling of stagnation and zero end results.
It sucks to be stagnant or feel stagnant or to feel like after a period your hands are still going to be empty.
I felt that for a while in 2017 (link) and once I got myself back I knew that I had to do something about it in order not to feel the same again. I decided to make a change.


‘when you are uncomfortable in a situation make a move’

I created a planner to coordinate my daily activities. The planner was made to be flexible to me and the lifestyle I was trying to live and what I was trying to achieve with myself.
Ever since this decision, I have been satisfied internally.
I know you may be thinking that having a daily routine is like living in a rut. NO IT’S NOT! The sense of being in a rut is absolutely not present in me because, though I have summed my lifestyle into a routine, I see myself working towards achieving positive results. Knowing that the things I have planned to do each day is going to reward me in the long or short term is satisfying and motivating to keep doing them.


In my planner I sort out my days in a way that works with the activities that I partake in that can sometimes not be in my control (has to do with external forces) e.g. going out, having family prayers, cooking, work, school etc.
So I make sure that the most essential things in my time table are done before I do any of these things.
Personally, there are four major factors that highly influence the creation of an accommodating planner
Priority list: there are certain uniformities that make up our daily priorities. For me, they are; family prayers, cooking, cleaning and working out. When planning I make sure to set these at convenient times.
Study and blogging: the entirety of my days are focused on extracurricular like blogging and studying. Presently in school and also trying to write more, I task myself with doing one of each daily.
Social Activities: socializing is one of the things that put a spark in my day. I enjoy the regular chill time especially with friends and of course, sleep time.
Creative time: one thing I love about life is its spontaneity. I’m a believer of being passionate about something and creativity fuels passion. When planning I make it an importance to accommodate spontaneity.

Having a planner has made me more driven in achieving all that I want too and it’s comforting knowing that I am putting effort in myself to be better at being me and not let my feelings of the past control me. I think everyone should always have their day planned even if it is day to day schedules or weekly schedules, getting your life together for you is always comforting.

What do you do to keep your life in order?

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