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Hi everyone it absolutely feels amazing to be back on the blog. I apologize for being distant. I would explain myself better on my very first life post which would be going up pretty soon.
Today I am going to be giving you a fabulous hoe down on my day at the GTB Fashion Weekend.
It was a two day event which took place on the 11th – 12th of November at Oniru, Victoria Island Lagos. I was only present on Sunday the 12th. I went along with my siblings and caught up with my girls (Anuli, Grace, Ayo and Dami).

The place was filled with “The people that have/own Lagos at their fingertips” (like my siblings & I would say). These are the people who are always where it’s happening and come decked in the right apparels. I used the word apparel cause not all of them wear outfits that could be called clothes. (You know nipples showing, titties out, chest hair all over the place and those that give us the honor of viewing their womb). So it was quite the view and it made it so much fun to be there.
My friends and I decided to play a little bit of Fashion police meets Shade room. We had to build brick houses over some people e.g the guy in the Dansiki and the girl in the off shoulder Ankara gown, they didn’t get windows, they played too safe.
It’s a fashion extravaganza, never play safe.

And tgen we applauded tgose who really decked out.

Here are some of our pictures and videos.

I saw Denola Grey and I legit froze, it’s never happened to me before, so at that moment I realized how much I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM.

Funny thing is that most times we end up at the same events and I never get to see him and now that I finally did, I just couldn’t say hi. *sobs*
There is always next time.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please like, share and subscribe and if you heard about or was at the Fashion wknd please share your experience below or links to them. Thank you.

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