Favourite Outfits From 2017

Hello everyone today is an exciting day for me because I am typing my very first fashion post of the year with my new laptop. <Very excited>

Today I have made a rundown of some of my fave looks from 2017. It’s a Thursday so why not do a lil throwback.


So here is my very first look


  • Here I’m wearing a white, blouse with 3d rose flowers and a denim skirt. The shoe was gifted. I wore this for a family friend’s 50th birthday party.


  • This gown was also a gift. I love it cause of its really old school vibe. It’s really classy and sophisticated. I wore it for a wedding and also on Christmas day.


  • Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! This outfit. It’s definitely a fave. No jokes. I wore it for a blog photo shoot, for my reign on the rain post. I loved how styling this outfit turned out. I’m actually wearing stockings and sandals here, but everyone thinks they are boots. It made huge waves on instagram the day I posted it.

  • This gown is just so pretty, I wore it for a wedding. The story surrounding getting this gown is plenty but I’m grateful I found it. My fave part of it is its daring slit. I was a little concerned on what my dad would say but he liked it.

  • The most not so laid back look of the year. Let’s talk about my sandals. CUUUTEEE!!! Everyone was drooling over them, a lot of people actually got the sandals after seeing it on me on this day. The sandals are from @yourclosetgirlziza on instagram. I really like how the sandals boosts the whole outfit.



  • The pink body hugging outfit, I wore this for Christmas day outing with a denim jacket. I really really loved this outfit. The day I bought it I purchased the navy green ne and something was like <Girl this ain’t what you wanted go back and get that pink.> And so I did and got my pink.

  • GTB Fashion Weekend. My outfit for the second day was so gangster, I loved it. I have never tried something so daring and self-representing before. So it really felt like my moment and I took it.


  • Burgundy is me! This outfit was for my mum’s one year thanks giving service <1year since transitioning>. When we picked the colour that we were all gonna wear. I didn’t want to just buy a plain material and I really wanted something that would depict who I am so I chose to combine lace and organza in the manner in which you’ve seen.


  • My fave Ankara mix. These two outfits are just so sweet. The material was from my mom’s wake keep service. So the one I wore with bootleg jeans is mine, I wore it for Social Media week. The second one is my sister’s and I wore it for an interview.

So everyone these two outfits changed my life and instagram forever.

  • This is my fave look of all times. The skirt was inspired by @PrissySavvy on instagram. She is such a style inspiration. When I saw hers I had to have mine made. I wore it for my dad’s friend’s birthday party. I absolutely felt like a princess. It pushed me to do more with my look and style because I felt like I had to keep up, there was no going back from the big step I took.

  • This look is so simple and effortless its one of my most liked pictures on instagram. I love turtle neck clothes, only a few people in this world are fortunate to pull it off

My style inspiration of the year was Amrezy Olevic. I’m absolutely obsessed with her. Her style is so extra and glam. It also reflects the kind of person I am, it is what I’m aiming to achieve with my style. I’m all about the glamour and shine.

All these outfits are really my faves cause as I was putting this post together and talking about each one of them I almost write ‘this is my fave outfit from 2017’ at the beginning of each one. I can’t really choose. Which one is your own favourite? Tell me in the comment section.

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