Hello ๐Ÿ˜Š,

Thanks for coming in.

As you all know my name is Diana and I am the creative mind behind the magic that is Fabian Whyte.

I have been running this blog for a few years and I’m trying to expand it to other social / interactive platforms e.g YouTube.

The Canon G7x mark ii is a standardized Digital camera with a quality image processor and offers an ISO of 25600, there by giving me smooth quality images, with less noise, even with low light.

I have always wanted this camera.

Having a camera will improve the quality of my pictures there by creating more traffic towards my blog and other social accounts. As we know more traffic equals more followers and more followers equals me being a step closer to expanding my brand.

I’m asking for your generous ย donation to get me closer to achieving my dream.

Here are my account details:

Account Number:ย 0230563109
Account Name: Ezi Fab Uche
Bank Name: GTB

All the love and blessings to your kind hearts โคโค