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    Chai 柴 Tang 

    Yesterday the 18th of May made it my second visit to Chai Tang Chinese Restaurant at Twin Waters Tower. 

    First time I was there I went with my friend and we had chicken fried rice and Stir fried sliced pork with cashew nuts sauce. 

    The Cashew nut sauce was my idea of trying new things. It was absolutely delicious. I don’t quite remember the name of my drink but I do remember it was an ice mountain of deliciousness ? a tropical Virgin Magherita drink.

    My second visit to Chai Tang was for my best friend’s birthday, Amaka turned 21 yesterday. It was very important for her to celebrate her new age with her friends and so I picked out Chai Tang as our celebration spot. 


    It’s located at TwinWaters Okunde Bluewater Zone Off Remi Olowude Road, Adeniyi Jones Ave, Eti-Osa, Lagos 

    The Ambiance & Decor 

    Chai Tang is a Chinese restaurant, so it was important for them to make sure the restaurant exudes the atmosphere of China. 

    Once you walk in a small arched wooden bridge welcomes you into the restaurant. The wallpapers with the image of the Sakura tree , the slaty bunting bird and some Chinese inscriptions are carefully placed in eye catching corners. It kind of reminds you about Naruto or The Mahjong Chinese board game. There is a large bar at the right wing of the restaurant and by the left is the mass spaced dining area. The large glass windows gives an open view of the terrace and the Atlantic Ocean.

    The view of the ocean is so beautiful, you get to hear the sound of the waters thrusting unto the giant rocks and then you hear the still calming silencing sound as the water withdraws, it almost sounds like it’s saying shhhhhh?. The dining area is so well arranged, everything down to the chairs give you the idea of China. After you’re settled in your seat it takes you about a minute to realize the pianist playing every kind of pop song with his keys in the most classical way possible. I think the idea is to retain the calmness of the place with familiar melodies that people can jive to. (I love it)


    The food is so delicious we had Chicken Fried rice, Mixed vegetable Chow Mein noodles and Szechuan chilli chicken sauce. Once the food arrived we were all confused at the noodles, aspa te try new things, we did not understand why it looked soo pale and like a live fish was going to swim out of it. (I’m exaggerating) But it was so delicious we all ended up eating it more than the rice. The meal is quite filling as we all had like two to three rounds. We couldn’t move after. We were Satisfied ?


    Excellent customer service, the waiters stand there like they have been awaiting your arrival. Once you arrive they get you seated at a table suitable for the amount of people. Get your order down and guide your decisions. They were really nice and professional. 

    After our meal and taking pictures, the staff came in with Amaka’s birthday cake while singing the Happy Birthday song. 

    Chai Tang is really a lovely restaurant, it’s budget friendly if you are more than 3. The food quantity and quality is worth the price. 

    I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and if you’ve ever Ben here or to any Chinese restaurant I would really love to hear about your experience too ?

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