The Girls with the Touch; Natures Gentle Touch Natural Hair Workshop

Hello every one and welcome to another day with Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute Natural Hair Workshop. Ive truly had an amazing time at each workshop and this time around I’m going to be sharing beautiful stories from a few lovely ladies that were in attendance.




hello, am Cynthia Ibazebo. i’m a model and video vixen also an entrepreneur.  My hair journey have been really awesome. am mixed raced and my hair have been chopped off several times. For major reason though…. now, i can vividly remember in 2014, i got my hair fixed in braids and i almost made the biggest mistake of my life. I lost more than half of my hair and i told myself i would never do braids and till now i don’t do such. In 2015, i became a naturalist. yes! i didn’t retouch my hair for a year. It was challenging but still i enjoyed every bit of it cos i learned more about my hair and i discovered new things about my hair.

Discovering new things all myself was never enough. I needed more…, but i didn’t know how to go about it not until a friend of mine invited me to a seminar which changed my life. The seminar was about the product and company called natures gentle touch. omg! i learnt more about caring for my hair and the right products to use for hair deficiencies. How i wished i have been there earlier.. but all the same its never too late.


Hi..My name is Marquis Adejoke, a student of Law at the University of Lagos. My natural hair journey…hmmm… going back on the memory lane, I actually enjoyed a variety of low cuts. Then I started growing out my hair in secondary school and at a point, relaxed it.
Well, though I expected it cos I had soft hair, I didn’t expect it to be that bad.
The whole hair dropped almost like a week after.
I thought I actually had cancer!..God..I was so afraid I went skin. Then 4 years ago..I started my natural hair journey and that’s my story so far. It’s been wonderful, not too stressful cos I have soft curly hair. Thank God I took the decision to maintain it for the fear of everything dropping again keeps flashing bad..God…no..was a horrible sight.

Natures Gentle Touch was my first and most exposing natural hair workshop I have ever attended. The facilitators knew their beans and they marvelled me with their rich words of hair knowledge. Was bombarded with a whole lot of perspectives to seeing my hair beyond the normal. Learnt about hair textures, porosity, curl patterns and treatment/ maintenance processes. We were well hosted and fed. The hair consultancy was professionally friendly and the attendees were totally awesome. Had educated fun and if invited over again, will never miss the chance. Will love others to know about the beauty of Nature’s Gentle Touch by following their story cos it’s simply beauty in its prime.


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