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2 Weddings 2 Weekends 1 Family

WEDDINGSSSSSSSSSSSS My love for the glamour and joy that follows a family wedding is absolutely incredible, in fact the joy that follows any wedding at all is absolutely glorious. I’m not a hopeless romantic but I’m an absolute sucker for love. Any form of love really, whether between mother and child, friends or lovers, I just love LOVE.

It’s just a week space between two weekends and my God siblings, Patrick & Ogechi, fixed their weddings in those weekend.

One thing about a family wedding is the comfort of familiar faces around you, it encourages the amount of moves you are gonna drop on the dance floor and the plates of jollof / Chinese rice you’re ordering. in other words family weddings are always lit.

Patrick got married to Amaka  On the 7th of April at church service and the Reception at Excel Event Center, Ikeja Lagos.
Ogechi got married to Chimaobi on the14th of April at Yaba Presbyterian Church and the reception held at Grace Dome, Ikeja Lagos.
The two weddings extremely glamorous, decorations perfectly done. Every kind of meal imaginable was being served, I loved how the asun was served in a long rectangle shaped basket, held at each end, like a sacrifice, by a man in traditional attire.
I had so much fun with my siblings and cousins at both weddings, even though one aunty wanted to steal my seat one time.

Here is a visual representation of the amount of fun I had cause my words aren’t enough to describe it.


The End.

Do you like going for Owambe in Lagos? Please tell me some of the things you always enjoy at a good Lagos wedding or party.

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